There are myriad factors that affect our immune system. The changing of seasons, our busy routines, and pollution are just a few examples of factors that lead to lower immunity, colds, flu, and allergies. When combined with poor choices we make in terms of our diet, activity level, and prioritizing our health, suffering from diseases and viral infections becomes inevitable.
However, there are just as many ways that we can boost our immune system to keep the illnesses and diseases at bay. These ways are easy to adopt and may help you a great deal in boosting your immune system and staying
healthier for longer.

The best approach to getting and maintaining a strong immune system is by consistently making great choices for your body and mind throughout the year. As a result, when the seasons change or stress takes over, you will be ready to guard yourself against them with a strong immune system to fight off all such problems. In this ebook, we provide you with seven easy and natural ways to boost your immunity and gain more energy and vitality to lead a better life.

Green vegetables are the source of protein; chlorophyll; many essential minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium; vitamins C, K, E and many of the B vitamins; and are loaded with antioxidants. These nutrients make leafy greens incredible at detoxification, blood purification, and boosting immunity. Try to add as many green vegetables to your daily diet as possible.

Some of the most beneficial green vegetables include the following:

  • Watercress

  • Spinach

  • Kale

  • Lettuce

  • Radicchio

  • Carrot greens

  • Beet greens

  • Sweet potato greens

  • Rocket/arugula

  • Endive

  • Collards

  • Chard

  • Mustard greens

  • Fresh herbs like parsley, mint,  cilantro, basil

Ways To Add Greens to Your Daily Diet

There are a variety of ways to add greens to your daily diet.

Eat a delicious salad. You can fill a large bowl with various greens you love and add some of your favorite raw or cooked vegetables. Top this with a healthy dressing to enjoy the salad without causing any harm to your health.


Another option to add leafy greens to your diet is to add them to a juice or smoothie. Blend fruits, water, and vegetables together to make a healthy green smoothie that will work wonders for boosting your immune system.

Steam, stirfry, or sauté the greens with whatever vegetable you are making and top it with a marinara sauce or lemon juice.

Adding greens to your daily diet in the ways described above can help you load your body with all the nutrients it requires to function properly and boost your immune system with muchneeded antioxidants.


Adding green vegetable juice to your diet means you are ready to clean away the toxic fats and heal many ailments. The major benefit that green juices provide is because of the chlorophyll present in them. Chlorophyll is a very important protein compound that acts as a cell stimulator, rejuvenator, cleanser, internal healer, antiseptic, and much more. Studies have proven
that chlorophyll is converted into hemoglobin by our body, thereby enriching the blood.

Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

The power of sunshine in chlorophyll is wonderfully cleansing in the body. The greener the leaves, the more concentrated the amount of chlorophyll.

There are numerous health benefits that come from the consumption of chlorophyll.

If taken regularly in sufficient
amounts, here are some of the remedial effect of this powerful substance:

Increases hemoglobin in the blood
Has detoxification

Eliminates blood sugar problems

                  • Reduces body odors
                  • Relieves and heals gastric ulcers

                  • Relieves respiratory problems like asthma and sinuses

                  • Works as an antiseptic by killing bacteria in wounds and speeding up the healing process

                  • Reduces inflammatory troubles and pain related to it

                  • Improves bowel movement

                  • Improves the production of milk in lactating mothers

                  • Soothes painful hemorrhoids

                  • Melts away the toxic fats

Other Healthy Ingredients Present in Green Juices

Other healthy ingredients in green vegetable juices are important nutrients such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and live enzymes. They also provide provitamin A, vitamin Bcomplex, and vitamins C, E, and K. Green juices provide you with unimaginable benefits. Their ingredients are absorbed on the cellular level and do not burden the digestive system. While traveling down the digestive tract, these juices cleanse everything from fungus, bacteria, parasites and yeast to toxic materials found in the blood. Enjoy green juice daily to maximize your benefits from them and boost your immune system.


Refined sugar and processed food can be harmful to your health, as they have been linked to many serious diseases like cancer and heart diseases. Sugar is addictive because it triggers the happy hormone. To enjoy good health and avoid these pitfalls, below is a list of tips to help you kick the refine sugar and processed food habits.

Get Motivated
To get yourself motivated about quitting the bad habit of refined sugar and processed food, read some books or topics that might help you, such as
“Suicide by Sugar” by Dr. Nancy Appleton

Avoid Drinking Any Form of Soda Pop and Sweetened Drinks
The amount of sweetener in soft drinks is very high. Dropping the soft drinks  eliminates the bad habit instantly.

Don’t Eat or Buy Packaged Foods
Even organic packaged foods may contain significant amounts of sugar. Stay away from organic and well as nonorganic packaged food and don’t keep it at home to resist temptation. Try to make your own snacks at home, such as homemade popcorn, homemade muffins, hot cereals, eggs, and toast, to name a few healthy options.

Choose Wisely While Eating Out
Sugar is hidden in many dishes at restaurants; try to stick to grilled meat and roasted vegetables.

Eat a Balanced Diet Concentrated in Protein and Vegetables
If you add more vegetables and proteins to your diet, you will notice that you feel much better and also don’t get the craving for sugar as much. Removing sugar and refined food from your routine is not enough; you must also include some healthy things in your diet to boost your immune system and get healthy over time.

Deal With Cravings

You might get some serious cravings for sugary foods once you try to leave it behind for the better. The best way to fend off such cravings is by having a fermented food or drink such as homemade sauerkraut, coconut kefir, or kombucha. The sourness of these foods negates the effect of sugar cravings and provides the body with healthy probiotics to reduce cravings and boost
the immune system.

Go Have Fun
Find other great distractions to avoid unhealthy foods like taking your kids to the park, reading a good book, or enjoying nature. Start enjoying life without sugar.


Mushroom teas are the new superfood that helps improve the immune system. They can be used as dried mushrooms, whole or in powdered form, and brewed in hot water. There is nothing new in using mushrooms to improve health; they have been used to promote health and vitality for thousands of years in Eastern cultures, Russia, North America, and Canada. Here are some healthy mushroom drinks that promote good health and boost the immune system. These include Reishi and Chaga mushroom teas.

Why Drink Mushrooms
It is essential to maintain a healthy immune system in order to maintain a healthy body. Mushrooms, also known as “medicinal mushrooms”, are “adaptogens.” Adaptogens are immune modulators because they are the only plants that have the ability to balance the immune system and improve health. However, these mushrooms have low bioavailability unless they undergo a hot water extraction process. In simple words, we are not able to absorb mushrooms’ nutrients as the fungi lock their immune activating betaglucans and polysaccharides in chitin cell walls, which are indigestible to humans. Mushrooms are brewed into the tea to facilitate this extraction. When choosing your mushroom tea, look for organic mushrooms; cultivated mushrooms have a tendency to absorb pesticides and heavy metals from the environment.

Reishi is known as the “Queen Healer” and the mushroom of immortality in Chinese medicine. It is the most famous of all the healing mushrooms and is a true adaptogen. It is believed to promote calmness and centeredness.
There are six types of reishi, among which red reishi is the most potent. The mushroom has a distinct bitter flavor due to the large amount of triterpenes present in it, compounds that contain antioxidant and anticancer properties. Reishi is famous for its antiinflammatory and antiviral properties. It fights toxins, improves circulation, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and blood sugar, and more. Unlike other mushrooms, reishi can grow on both dead and living trees.

Chaga is also known as the “King of Plants” because it contains betaglucans, compounds which help the body fight diseases. It is often consumed to alleviate upset stomachs, hunger, fatigue, and to increase energy. Chaga can both quiet and activate the immune system and encourages the internal balance. An overactive immune system tends to create skin disorders, allergies, asthma, and autoimmune disorders, so it is important to calm it down. Chaga helps to eliminate toxins, has antiviral abilities, stimulates the central nervous system, and has a high level of antioxidants. Wild Chaga is found on trees that are at least 40 years old, and it takes between three to five years for the fungus to reach maturity before harvesting. Chaga quality and potency depend upon the conditions in which it grew. The best Chaga grows in harsh climates.


Immune systems are affected both by negative thought processes and stress. Our lives begin and end with the breath and, in between these two moments of birth and death, most of us will take countless breaths but rarely give it a moment’s notice.

Scientists have observed that animals know how to shake off the stress of lifethreatening situations by proper breathing to bring themselves back to a relaxed state. This ability to maintain balance is an intuitive trait for both animals and humans. However, humans have suppressed this ability and have become unable to maintain the equilibrium due to the modern lifestyle, which includes unnatural living conditions, high stress, environmental pollutants, and poor quality of food.

We are under constant siege of recurring health and emotional issues which constantly obstruct the quality of life. Traumas such as emotional neglect, violent abuse, or physical injury have made us forget our instinctive selves.

Usually, the breath is the first physiological response to being affected by trauma, but the change in breathing patterns is rarely noticed. Breathing has the ability to deeply calm the mind and body by bringing a sense of peace and tranquility to whatever you are dealing with. Take some time out from your daily routine to breathe deeply and do so in a fresh, natural environment to enable the inhalation of fresh air and maximize the benefits.

Here Are Some of the Ways Healthy Breathing Can Help to Boost Our Immune Systems

Helps to reduce stress responses by the regulation of the nervousm system which starves the energy from the healthy immune system and doesn’t let it function properly.
Increases vital energy and helps the body in the constant process of selfhealing and detoxifying.

Accelerates the regeneration of tissues by helping the regenerative systems of the body to heal/regenerate.

Speeds up the recovery process from trauma and disease.

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