Issue #16

September 7, 2023

by Rosemary Morretta


Welcome to Issue 16 of TeamSelfCare’s TLC Newsletter!

We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to you as we introduce the latest issue of our TLC Newsletter, carefully crafted around the concept of Visualization and how you can use it achieve greater success in your business and in life!

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey tailor-made for entrepreneurs like yourself. In this edition, we’re diving deep into the world of Visualization, a game-changing practice that promises to unlock untapped potential and supercharge your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Imagine having a toolkit at your disposal that enhances your creativity, supercharges your productivity, and propels you toward your business goals with unprecedented clarity. That’s precisely what Visualization offers, and we’re here to guide you on this transformative path.

Through curated articles, insights and practical exercises, we’ll unveil the remarkable benefits Visualization can bring to your entrepreneurial journey. It’s not just about achieving business success; it’s about achieving it with greater focus, intention, and fulfillment.

So, get ready to harness the power of Visualization and revolutionize your approach to entrepreneurship. This issue is your gateway to unlocking new dimensions of success, and we can’t wait to accompany you on this exhilarating adventure.

Featured Article:

Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success with Visualization: A Guide to Manifesting Your Business Dreams

As an entrepreneur, you’re well-acquainted with the thrilling yet demanding rollercoaster ride that is business ownership. From chasing innovative ideas to managing teams, navigating financial landscapes, and adapting to market shifts, your journey is a symphony of ambition and tenacity. But what if we told you there’s a powerful tool, often overlooked, that can amplify your entrepreneurial success? Welcome to the realm of Visualization – a practice that can transform your aspirations into tangible realities.

Understanding Visualization: Painting the Canvas of Imagination

Visualization is the art of harnessing the mind’s creative power to envision and manifest desired outcomes. It’s the process of deliberately conjuring mental images and sensations that represent your goals and desires. While it might sound like a simplistic mental exercise, the impact it can have on your entrepreneurial journey is nothing short of remarkable.

At its core, Visualization operates on the principle that the mind cannot distinguish between vividly imagined experiences and real ones. When you vividly and consistently picture your desired outcomes, your subconscious mind starts to believe in their attainability. This belief, in turn, influences your actions, decisions, and behaviors, propelling you closer to your goals.

The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon: How Visualization Benefits You

Enhanced Clarity and Goal Setting

Visualization begins with defining your goals with utmost precision. Entrepreneurs often juggle multiple objectives simultaneously, and the clarity that Visualization provides can be your compass in the tumultuous business world. When you visualize your goals, you crystallize your vision, making it easier to identify the necessary steps to achieve them.

Boosted Confidence and Self-Belief

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, and self-confidence is your armor. Visualization is your secret formula to bolstering self-confidence and unwavering self-belief. As you consistently visualize your success, your mind becomes your greatest ally, eradicating self-doubt and nurturing unshakable confidence.

Heightened Creativity and Problem-Solving

Creativity is the lifeblood of innovation, and Visualization is the creative entrepreneur’s playground. When you engage in Visualization, you open the floodgates of creativity, envisioning innovative solutions to the challenges you face. It’s like having a brainstorming session with your subconscious mind, where ideas flow freely and solutions appear as if by magic.

Stress Reduction and Resilience

The entrepreneurial path is often fraught with stress and uncertainty. Visualization acts as a shield, helping you manage stress and cultivate resilience. By visualizing positive outcomes, you train your mind to respond to challenges with grace and determination, rather than succumbing to anxiety and stress.

Improved Decision-Making

Effective decision-making is at the core of successful entrepreneurship. Visualization hones your decision-making skills by allowing you to mentally test different scenarios and their potential outcomes. This mental rehearsal prepares you to make informed decisions swiftly and confidently.

The Art of Visualization: How to Do It Right

Now that we’ve explored the myriad ways Visualization can benefit entrepreneurs, let’s delve into the practical steps of incorporating this powerful practice into your daily routine.

Set Clear Intentions

Begin by defining your goals and intentions. What do you want to achieve in your business and personal life? Be specific and detailed in your goals, as clarity is key to effective Visualization.

Create a Sacred Space

Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can practice Visualization without distractions. This could be a corner of your office, a cozy nook at home, or even a serene outdoor spot.

Relax and Breathe

Before you start visualizing, take a few moments to relax. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and let go of any tension or stress. Visualization works best in a calm and focused state of mind.

Engage Your Senses

Visualization is not just about seeing; it involves all your senses. Imagine the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations associated with your goals. The more vivid and sensory-rich your visualization, the more powerful it becomes.

Practice Regularly

Consistency is key. Dedicate a few minutes each day to your Visualization practice. You can do it in the morning to set the tone for the day or in the evening to reflect on your achievements.

Embrace Emotional Engagement

Feel the emotions associated with your visualized success. Whether it’s the thrill of a successful product launch, the satisfaction of a thriving business, or the joy of achieving work-life balance, immerse yourself in these positive emotions.

Visualize Your Actions

Don’t just visualize the end result; visualize the steps you need to take to get there. Imagine yourself confidently making the right decisions, taking bold actions, and overcoming obstacles.

Use Visualization Aids

Some people find it helpful to use visual aids like vision boards, images, or symbols that represent their goals. These aids can enhance the clarity of your visualizations.

Record Your Journey

Maintain a journal to document your Visualization experiences. Write down your goals, the emotions you felt during each session, and any insights or ideas that arise.

Trust the Process

Believe in the power of Visualization. Trust that your mind is a powerful force for change, and that your consistent practice will bring your goals within reach.

Your Journey Starts with Visualization

Visualization is not a mere mental exercise; it’s a transformational tool that empowers entrepreneurs to reach new heights of success. It’s the bridge that connects your dreams to reality, the key that unlocks your untapped potential, and the compass that guides you on your entrepreneurial voyage.

As you embark on your Visualization journey, remember that every great achievement begins with a vision. Your business dreams are within your grasp; you need only close your eyes, visualize your success, and take inspired action. Welcome to a world where imagination is your greatest asset, and where the line between dreams and reality becomes beautifully blurred. It’s time to turn your entrepreneurial aspirations into a vivid and inspiring reality.

Introducing our brand new Vision Board Workbook

Are you ready to transform your dreams and desires into a tangible reality? Allow us to introduce you to the complimentary Vision Board Workbook – a potent tool that empowers you to craft a vivid visual representation of your aspirations and set the stage for profound transformation. Get it here.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a captivating collage of images and text that serves as a dynamic visual representation of your dreams and desires. Its purpose is simple yet profound: to keep your life’s deepest ambitions at the forefront of your mind. By immersing yourself in the imagery of your aspirations, you create a powerful reminder of what you seek to achieve.

The Power of Creating Your Vision Board

The process of crafting your vision board is a journey in itself. It guides you to articulate your aspirations with precision, helping you define exactly what it is you want from life. As you surround yourself with these visual reminders of your future self and your goals, you pave the way for your life to evolve in alignment with your dreams.

Thoughtful Reflection: The Foundation of Your Vision

Before you embark on your vision board journey, consider the importance of connecting with your inner desires and dreams. Begin with a ritual that sets the stage for clarity. Light a candle and find a quiet space. With kindness and openness, ask yourself the fundamental question: What do you want? This may reveal itself immediately or take some time, but allow your thoughts to flow freely. Use this space to jot down these invaluable thoughts without judgment.

Exploring Personality Traits: The Big Five Model

Understanding your personality is a key element of your vision board journey. The Big Five Model of personality traits, widely embraced by psychologists, identifies five core factors that shape who you are. This knowledge can be instrumental in aligning your goals with your true self.

Guided Journal Prompts: Delve Deeper

Within the Vision Board Workbook, you’ll discover thought-provoking journal prompts designed to help you delve deeper into your desires and aspirations. These prompts encourage self-reflection, helping you unearth hidden aspirations and set your vision board’s foundation.

Exercises to Uncover Your Dreams

  • Navigate through a series of exercises that focus on different aspects of your life, including:
  • What You Want to Be: Explore your aspirations regarding the person you want to become.
  • What You Want to Do: Define the actions and experiences that resonate with your soul.
  • What You Want to Have: Identify the tangible possessions and achievements you desire.

2024 Goals: Set clear and achievable goals for the upcoming year.

Your Dreams and Desires: A space to outline your deepest wishes and long-term dreams.

Comprehensive Vision Boards: Crafting a Holistic Life

Your Vision Board Workbook covers an array of life domains, ensuring your vision is comprehensive:

Personal Goals: Nurturing your personal growth and development.

Health & Wellness: Prioritizing your physical and mental well-being.

Relationships: Strengthening connections with loved ones.

Business & Career: Advancing your professional ambitions.

Financial Goals: Attaining financial security and freedom.

Environment: Making a positive impact on your surroundings.

Life Assessment and Beyond

Confront and overcome limiting beliefs that may hinder your progress. The Vision Board Workbook offers a holistic life assessment, a crucial step in your transformational journey.

Begin your journey of self-discovery and manifestation with the Vision Board Workbook. Embrace the power of visualization, connect with your deepest desires, and watch as your life aligns with the magnificent tapestry of your dreams. It’s time to sculpt the future you envision, one image at a time.

Recipe of the Week

Berry Bliss Parfait – A Low-Calorie Dreamy Delight

Servings: 4

Calories per serving: 150

Prep time: 15 minutes

Entrepreneurs are known for their ability to dream big and envision a successful future. Just as we nurture our business dreams, it’s equally important to take care of ourselves along the way. This Berry Bliss Parfait is not only a delectable low-calorie dessert but also a visual delight that can help entrepreneurs channel their visionary spirit. As you savor each spoonful of this guilt-free treat, let it serve as a reminder that success is a sweet journey, and every small step counts.


  • 2 cups of low-fat Greek yogurt
  • 2 cups of mixed fresh berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries)
  • 2 tablespoons of honey or maple syrup (optional)
  • 1/2 cup of granola (choose a low-calorie option)
  • Fresh mint leaves for garnish (optional)


  1. Prepare Your Berries:

    • Wash and dry the mixed berries. If using strawberries, remove the stems and slice them into bite-sized pieces.
  2. Sweeten the Yogurt (Optional):

    • In a bowl, mix the low-fat Greek yogurt with honey or maple syrup if you prefer a sweeter taste. This step is optional, as the natural sweetness of the berries can often suffice.
  3. Layer the Parfait:

    • Take four dessert glasses or bowls.
    • Start by adding a spoonful of the sweetened yogurt (if using) to the bottom of each glass.
  4. Add the Berries:

    • Next, layer a portion of the mixed berries on top of the yogurt.
  5. Repeat the Layers:

    • Continue layering, alternating between the yogurt and berries until the glass is filled.
  6. Top with Granola:

    • Finish each parfait with a generous sprinkle of granola. This adds a delightful crunch to your dessert.
  7. Garnish and Serve:

    • If you have fresh mint leaves on hand, garnish each parfait with a sprig of mint for a burst of color and flavor.
    • Serve immediately and enjoy the blend of creamy yogurt, sweet berries, and crunchy granola.

Why It Helps Entrepreneurs Visualize Success:

This Berry Bliss Parfait serves as a metaphor for an entrepreneur’s journey. Each layer represents a step toward your goals, with the berries signifying the sweet rewards of your efforts. As you savor the contrasting textures and flavors, take a moment to reflect on your entrepreneurial aspirations. Just like crafting this parfait, success requires patience, balance, and attention to detail.

The visual appeal of the parfait mirrors the beauty of a well-executed business plan. The vibrant colors of the berries represent creativity and innovation, while the layers symbolize the strategic steps you take to build your empire. With every spoonful, visualize your dreams and relish the sweetness of progress.

By indulging in this low-calorie delight, entrepreneurs can nourish their bodies and minds while strengthening their commitment to success. It’s a reminder that success is not just a destination; it’s a journey filled with small victories and sweet moments along the way. Enjoy your Berry Bliss Parfait and keep visualizing the future you’re working so diligently to achieve.

Quote of the Week

“Winners in life visualize their success and look forward to reaping and enjoying the rewards of their accomplishments. They revel in their hard-earned victory, and that reinforces their superior level of self-confidence.” – LORII MYERS, American Author & Entrepreneur

Lorii Myers’ quote is vital to entrepreneurs because it encapsulates the power of visualization in their journey. Entrepreneurs face challenges and uncertainties daily, and the ability to envision success becomes their guiding light.

This quote underscores three essential aspects:

  1. Clarity and Focus: Visualization helps entrepreneurs maintain a clear picture of their goals, keeping them on track amidst obstacles.
  2. Motivation: Imagining the rewards of their hard work keeps entrepreneurs driven and dedicated to achieving their vision.
  3. Self-Confidence: Regularly visualizing success bolsters self-belief, vital for decision-making and leadership in the volatile world of business.

In short, Myers’ quote reminds entrepreneurs that success starts in the mind, shaping their resilience and determination to navigate the entrepreneurial journey successfully.

Meditation of the Week

Guided Visualization Meditation for Entrepreneurs

Listen to Audio

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can sit or lie down. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let go of any tension in your body. As an entrepreneur, you have a unique journey, and this meditation is designed to help you visualize your path to success.

Begin by focusing on your breath. Inhale deeply, allowing your abdomen to rise, and then exhale slowly, releasing any stress or worries. Take a few more deep breaths, letting go of any distractions.

Imagine yourself standing at the entrance of a lush, vibrant forest. This forest represents your entrepreneurial journey. As you step into the forest, feel the ground beneath your feet. It’s solid, supporting you with each step you take.

As you walk deeper into the forest, you notice a clear path ahead. This path is your journey to success. The trees around you are tall and strong, representing your resilience and determination. Feel the energy and strength of these trees flowing into you.

Now, envision the goals you’ve set for yourself as bright, radiant lights in the distance. These lights represent your dreams and aspirations. As you walk closer to them, notice how they shine even brighter, guiding your way.

With each step, imagine yourself getting closer to your goals. Visualize the challenges you may face as stepping stones on your path. These challenges are opportunities for growth and learning. Embrace them with confidence.

Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin as you continue walking toward your goals. You are filled with a sense of purpose and determination. You are unstoppable.

Now, imagine yourself achieving your first goal. Picture it vividly. See the details, hear the sounds, and feel the emotions associated with your success. You have reached a significant milestone, and it feels incredible.

As you celebrate this achievement, know that it is just the beginning. There are more goals ahead, and you are fully capable of reaching each one.

Take a moment to express gratitude for this journey and the successes you will achieve. Feel the gratitude in your heart, knowing that your entrepreneurial spirit is a powerful force within you.

Now, slowly start to bring your awareness back to the present moment. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and when you’re ready, gently open your eyes.

Remember, this visualization meditation is a tool you can return to whenever you need inspiration and motivation on your entrepreneurial path. You have the strength, resilience, and determination to achieve your dreams. Keep walking forward with confidence and purpose.

Affirmation of the Week

“I harness the power of visualization to manifest my entrepreneurial dreams into reality. With every vivid mental image, I pave the way for success, clarity, and unwavering confidence. My mind is my greatest ally on this journey, and I am one step closer to achieving my goals with every visualization.”

How to Use this Affirmation During the Week:

Throughout the week, embrace this affirmation as a powerful tool to boost your entrepreneurial mindset:

  1. Morning Ritual: Begin your day by repeating this affirmation to set a positive tone. As you say it, visualize your goals and desired outcomes, letting the affirmation fuel your motivation.
  2. Visualization Practice: Dedicate a few minutes each day to sit quietly and vividly visualize your success. Use the affirmation as your mantra during this practice, reinforcing your belief in your abilities.
  3. Midday Boost: Whenever you face challenges or feel overwhelmed, recite the affirmation silently to yourself. It will serve as a reminder of your inner strength and resilience.
  4. Before Important Meetings: Prior to important meetings, presentations, or negotiations, repeat the affirmation to boost your confidence and focus. Visualize a successful outcome.
  5. Evening Reflection: End your day by revisiting the affirmation. Reflect on the progress you’ve made and the clarity you’ve gained through visualization. Use it to affirm your belief in your journey.

By incorporating this affirmation into your daily routine, you’ll harness the power of visualization to drive your entrepreneurial success. It will serve as a constant reminder that your mind is your most potent asset, guiding you toward your goals and dreams.

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Wrapping Up

In this captivating edition of TeamSelfCare, we embarked on a journey through the transformative world of Visualization. As entrepreneurs, you explored the profound impact this practice can have on your path to success. Here’s a quick recap of what we uncovered:

  • We deciphered the art of Visualization, a tool that empowers you to manifest your dreams into reality.
  • You delved into the benefits of Visualization for entrepreneurs, from enhanced clarity and confidence to heightened creativity and resilience.
  • We introduced the Vision Board Workbook, a comprehensive guide to creating a visual representation of your aspirations and dreams.
  • We savored a delectable low-calorie dessert, reminding you that success is a sweet journey, one step at a time.
  • Lorii Myers’ quote echoed in our minds, reinforcing the importance of visualizing success and reveling in the rewards of your accomplishments.
  • You embarked on a guided meditation, taking a few minutes to visualize your entrepreneurial journey and the milestones along the way.
  • We recommended a powerful affirmation to infuse your days with the energy of visualization and the belief in your boundless potential.
  • Finally, we offered you a variety of promotional bundles where you can find resources that will help you make the success you visualize a reality. So check out Cat Griffins, Leads to Dollars Bundle and Sharee Colliers, Born to Collaborate Bundle.

As you continue your entrepreneurial voyage, remember that the power of visualization lies within your grasp. It’s a tool to shape your dreams into tangible realities, to navigate challenges with unwavering confidence, and to celebrate each step toward your goals. May this issue inspire you to visualize your success and unlock the endless possibilities that await.

We’re here to support your journey to self-discovery, self-care, and entrepreneurial excellence. You can reach us anytime at Remember that nurturing yourself is the cornerstone of nurturing your success. As you embark on the path of crafting a beautiful future, may your spirit be enriched, and your endeavors prosper.

With warmth and dedication to your well-being,

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