Unlock the Secret to Releasing Stress and Building Resilience to Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Potential!

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12-Week Program


Do you feel like you can never get anything done?

Do you feel stress and anxiety constantly? 

Would you like to sleep better, feel more energetic, have more focus, and remember things better?

You’re not alone. A recent study found that 65.4% of entrepreneurs have anxiety and 65.35% are feeling stressed.

But our 12-week Stress Course is a game-changer. It’s the solution you’ve been looking for, and the results will astound you.


Practice a Few Minutes a Day to Free Up the Rest of Your Life
Learn what is causing your stress, how you react to it, and the techniques and habits to not only relieve stress, but to prevent the negative effects, and create resilience for the long term.
Practice a few minutes a day and feel less stress and more happiness.

Manage your Stress to Accomplish More

  • Do you feel like your life is out of control?  You can’t bring your thoughts together?  Learn how you respond to stress.  Learn how you respond to relaxation.  Then practice relaxation and watch the results.
  • Learn 15 healthy habits to reduce stress.
  • Replace stress-producing thoughts with more balanced thinking that doesn’t produce stress.
  • Learn to ask for help.  Explore ways to create a support system to stop loneliness and protect.
  • Adopt a healthy, positive state of being and outlook.
  • Fill your resilience reserves with physical, spiritual, social, and mental self-care.
  • Avoid stress by preventing stressful situations.
a girl stressed due to workload
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Develop a stress management plan incorporating coping strategies and relaxation techniques to decrease the impact of stress on your body, mind, spirit, and emotions. I wish that I could give you a pill that would make stress no longer an issue. The fact is, that doesn’t exist. There is no magic solution to permanently change things overnight. There are, however, a number of methods and techniques that will get you to permanent change over time. 

You can achieve sustainable long-term results like:

  • Better Problem Solving

  • Clear and Positive Communication

  • Stronger Relationships

  • Look and Feel Younger

  • Prevent and Heal Illness

  • Live Longer 

MEDITATE to achieve sustainable long-term results

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Stress Management Program

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe and explain the nature of stress, the stress response, causes of stress, the relationship between stress and disease, and a holistic approach to stress management.
  2. Assess and describe the impact of stress on one’s own body, mind, spirit, and emotions.
  3. Identify, describe and practice research-based coping strategies and relaxation techniques that contribute to managing life’s stress.
  4. Develop a personal lifestyle plan incorporating coping strategies and relaxation techniques to decrease the impact of stress on one’s body, mind, spirit, and emotions.
A lady stressed by over work
The stress course by teamselfcare
WEEK ONE: About Stress

We look at stress causes, attitude, living with, mindset, and empowerment. We start tracking stress.

WEEK TWO: Stress Response

We help you understand stressful life events, how our bodies respond to stress, symptoms, and the impact of stress. We continue to track and practice relaxation techniques.

WEEK THREE: Relaxation Response

We educate you and help you make a mental shift to adopt this new healthy lifestyle. This week you’ll learn how our bodies respond to relaxation, and the impact of relaxation. We continue to track and practice relaxation.

WEEK FOUR: Relaxation Practice

This week you’ll learn six relaxation strategies that work. You’ll try the strategies to find out what you like best. We continue to track stress and practice relaxation.

WEEK FIVE: Healthy Habits

Fifteen healthy habits to reduce stress. This module will help you understand the importance of 5 Healthy Habits and you’ll begin to set goals to round out your lifestyle changes. Stress tracking continues.

MODULE SIX: Cognitive Restructuring

Replace stress producing thoughts with more balanced thoughts that don’t produces stress. Tracking stress continues and cognitive restructuring exercises begin.

WEEK SEVEN: Establish a Support Network

This week’s theme is Support. Explore ways to create a support system to prevent loneliness and provide protection when dealing with life’s difficulties. Learn to ask for help. Continue to track your stress and make a support plan.

WEEK EIGHT: Positive Psychology

This module will help you to adopt a healthy and positive state of being and outlook.

WEEK NINE: Self-Care

Physical, spiritual, social, and mental self-care to fill your resilience savings account. Self-care for different types of stress. Continue tracking and planning.

WEEK TEN: Avoiding Stress

We can sometimes avoid stress by not putting ourselves in stressful situations. In this module you’ll learn to reduce the level of stress that you experience. You’ll co

WEEK ELEVEN: Your Plan for Stress

It’s important that we learn to take responsibility for everything that surrounds us. This week we’ll take everything we’ve learned and make our own plan for stress management.

WEEK TWELVE: Going Forward

This week will focus on behaviors and tips for maintenance, sustaining, and growth.

We do things differently at TeamSelfCare.

Our mission is to help you thrive in your business and in life through self-care.

This Stress course will do exactly that.

Over 12 weeks you will begin to build self-care habits around stress you will have for a lifetime.

You can do this.

You can change your life for good by incorporating self-care practices for managing stress into your daily routine.

Stop struggling with anger and reactions that don’t suit you

Sleep better.

Stop panic attacks

Improve your health.

Let Relaxation become a part of your day.

Sign up for the program, take control of your health and your life, and stop the painful effects of chronic stress.

12 Week

Stress Course