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Are sleepless nights and constant fatigue holding you back as an entrepreneur?

Are you struggling to maintain a consistent work-life balance due to your sleep issues, impacting both your professional and personal life?


Have you experienced missed opportunities or moments of creativity that were lost due to your sleep-deprived state, hindering your entrepreneurial endeavors?


In just 12 weeks you’ll learn to identify the barriers hindering your ability to attain a peaceful night’s rest, while also discovering the actionable steps to enable truly restful sleep.




Does This Sound Familiar?

Are your days a constant blur, leaving you feeling like a zombie, unable to think clearly? Your loved ones might think you’re distant, and your business endeavors might suffer as a result. Have you ever struggled to recall your neighbor’s name of 20 years? Perhaps you’ve come close to an accident while driving due to your exhaustion.

You anticipate a rejuvenating night’s sleep, but it remains elusive.

Rest assured, you’re not the only entrepreneur grappling with the elusive quest for restful sleep. This struggle not only drains your energy but also takes a toll on your health, relationships, and business performance. What’s even more concerning is that it forms a relentless cycle that makes achieving a good night’s sleep seem even more challenging.

A grey haired lady exhausted by her work, laptop,glasses,a diary and a cup of coffee is in front of her on the table
A girl stretching her arms in the bed

Imagine if Your Life Could Look Like This…

After a relaxing evening, your head hits the pillow and you slowly drift into a deep sleep.

You wake up feeling well rested with excitement for the day ahead. No more peeling yourself out from under the covers with dread.

You’re full of energy to conquer your tasks for the day until it’s time to rest again.

Better Sleep Awaits workbook

You’ll get weekly emails, modules, videos, and workbooks. Additionally you’ll receive a journal to keep track of everything that can make a difference in the quality of your sleep.

Are You Looking for a Sleep Makeover?

With the 12 Week Sleep Better Program you will receive:

  • A Sleep Diary
  • A Sleep Self-Assessment
  • 12 Instructional Modules with Workbooks
  • Videos
  • Support Emails
  • A chance to change your life through better sleep

In the next 12 weeks, you will be going through a transition. You’ll be learning ways to put life back into your days. And we’ll be here for you every step of the way.

Topics We’ll Cover:

  • Sleep and how it works
  • Sleep across the lifespan
  • Sleep and weight
  • Routines to help you sleep better
  • Sleep conditions*
  • Sleep Surroundings
  • Medicine and sleep
  • Children’s sleep
  • How to use electronic tracking
  • Nutrition and sleep
  • Partners with sleep disorders
  • Importance of sleep

*insomnia, depression, anxiety, ADHD-ADD, Hypersomnia (narcolepsy, Kleine Levin, idiopathic hypersomnia, insufficient sleep syndrome), Parasomnia (sleepwalking, sleep paralysis, nightmares, sleep sex, sleep agitation, and more), circadian rhythm disorders, and movement disorders

Are You Right for the Sleep Program?

  • You’re unable to focus and get through a whole day at work

  • Coffee is your best friend – but still doesn’t cut it

  • You’ve tried everything; medication, supplements, books, etc.

  • You’re frustrated and looking for a long-term solution that actually works

  • You’re not looking to resolve underlying, root causes to your insomnia

  • You’re not willing to create new, life-long healthy habits

  • You’re looking for a quick fix


Reclaim your nights, reignite your days, and redefine your success. Join us on this transformative journey towards a life filled with revitalizing sleep. Embrace your potential Take the first step to a brighter tomorrow!




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