Meditate for mental and physical health

Reduce Stress, Overcome Anxiety, and Improve your Sleep.  Learn, practice, and enjoy the benefits! Create positive changes in mind and body by focusing on the inner self.  This course will change your life as you lay the foundation for a grounding daily practice


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Do you wonder about meditation or how to incorporate the practice into daily life?  Do you live a healthy lifestyle but need help quieting the mind?  Do you need less stress, anxiety, and better sleep?

We’re here for you!  You just need help developing a relaxation practice.

We saw a need and wanted to address this specific piece of your healthy life by helping you to develop a strong relaxation practice.  We know it can be one of the most important places to start when working toward a better, happier, and more self-fulfilled life.

Now, instead of sending you off to learn to meditate on your own, you can confidently learn how to unlock your best self and feel great.


Unlock Great Success through Meditation and Mindfulness

The Meditate program will help you have:

better thoughts

positive thoughts, stress management, self-awareness, focus on the present, reducing negative emotions, calm, less anxiety, attention, memory, less overwhelm, more focus


meditation may help to manage symptoms of anxiety, asthma, cancer, pain, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, IBS, sleep problems, tension headaches


you handle time demands better, become more spontaneous through mindfulness, gain clarity for good decisions, become more creative, sleep better and become more productive

Unlock Entrepreneurial Success with Meditate:

Are you ready to take your entrepreneurial journey to new heights? In the fast-paced world of business, finding your inner balance can be a game-changer. That’s where “Meditate” comes in – a program meticulously designed to empower entrepreneurs like you with meditation and mindfulness techniques that can revolutionize your approach to business and life.

Why Meditate for Entrepreneurs?

Admist the craziness of owning a business, stress and burnout are common adversaries. Meditation and mindfulness have proven to be secret weapons for successful entrepreneurs, enhancing their focus, creativity, and resilience. Our program offers you:

  • Enhanced Focus: Meditation sharpens your concentration, helping you stay on top of tasks and make strategic decisions with clarity.

  • Stress Reduction: Combat the pressures of entrepreneurship with proven mindfulness techniques that keep stress at bay.
  • Increased Productivity: Discover how mindfulness can supercharge your productivity, enabling you to accomplish more in less time.
  • Improved Well-Being: Achieve a healthier work-life balance and boost your overall well-being.


Here’s What’s Included

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Course Objectives for Improvement

  • Stress Management
  • Overwhelm
  • Depression
  • Goal Setting
  • Healthy Lifestyle Habits
  • Understanding meditation styles
  • Understanding meditation tools
  • Releasing Anxiety
  • Quieting the Mind
  • Creating a peaceful environment for meditation
  • Practice postures
  • Breathing Techniques (multiple) for relaxation and focus
  • Get in touch with the inner self
  • Release ideas and beliefs that do not serve
  • Help your clients understand more about meditation and it’s versatility
  • Accountability and guidance with education on differing meditation methods
  • Help your client find which methods work best for their individual personal growth that give the best advantage in creating a viable meditation practice

Module Content

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MODULE ONE: Set Your Goals

Set your goals and establish expectations.

MODULE TWO: Meditation
Learn what meditation is and how to practice meditation.
MODULE THREE: Breathing and Journaling

Today you will learn about the importance of breathing during meditation and complete your first breathing exercise.

MODULE FOUR: Get the Most Out of Meditation

Today you will learn how to meditate. You will find tips on how to get the most out of your practice.

Your meditation today will help you to be fully present in your life and aid in being centered more frequently.

MODULE FIVE: Environment for Meditation
You will learn about finding or even creating the best environment for meditation, choosing the best clothing, and other elements that can contribute to your meditation.
MODULE SIX: Practice What You've Learned

Practice what you are learning. Find a meditation for today and tomorrow that you would like to try from pages 62 – 136 in your meditation packet.

MODULE SEVEN: Quieting the Mind
Today, continue to take time to quiet your mind. Think positive thoughts.
MODULE EIGHT: Overcoming Roadblocks
You are starting this week off with ways to be proactive. You will look at common roadblocks and misconceptions in meditation.

You will practice a problem-solving meditation in line with what you are learning today.

MODULE NINE: Reevaluate Your Goals
Today is implementation day! That means you will get caught up on everything you have missed for the last 8 days, revise what you have learned, and reevaluate your goals.
MODULE TEN: Postures
Today you will learn the best ways to position your body for the most effective meditation experience.
Over the next couple of weeks, you will learn different methods that have been used to enhance the meditative experience. Whether or not you choose to integrate them into your practice is up to you.
MODULE TWELVE: History of Meditation
Today you will be looking at the history of meditation. You will have a better understanding of where meditation originated and how it has evolved.
Meditation Practice and Review, Mantras, Benefits, Tips, Tools, Spiritual/Religious, Positive Outlook, Yoga, Chakras, 10 Reasons to Meditate, Fitting in Meditation, More Practice/Review, and Congratulations!  Carrying on your Meditation Practice.

Relevant Topics

  • Control
  • Balance
  • Trusting the journey
  • Journaling
  • Finding Guidance
  • Letting go





  • Taking Responsibility
  • Maintenance
  • Meditation
  • Being of service

Course Examples



I’m so busy.  Will this take a lot of time?

It’s quick and easy.  We’ve done the time-consuming part for you and made it as easy as can be!  Use the modules and fill out the workbooks.  These techniques save you time by allowing you to add productivity into every hour.  Our customers feel rested and energetic after meditation.

Will I be able to start meditating right away?

Yes!  You will begin a daily meditation practice starting day two.  You will get a new meditation with each session plus additional to choose from.  You’ll build your meditation around your dreams and goals.

I’ve tried meditating before and can’t sit still.  I’m worried that I won’t like it.

You will learn many types of meditations and find what works best for you.  You don’t have to sit in an uncomfortable position.  You just need a comfortable spot and focus.

What if I’m not stressed?

Meditation is a relaxation practice that stays with you.  We need reserves for when stress pops up.  Breathing and meditation give us that reserve when we need it.

How often can I do the Meditate Program?

Good news!  You can do this as often as you like and should see consistent upward movement.

 Do I need to provide any special tools or additional materials?

This course is so easy that you don’t need anything special.  You can do this by yourself outdoors or in any room or you can use tools that you’ll be introduced to in the program.

How are the Course materials delivered to me?

The course is available in digital format.  You will receive access to the program by email.  You will not receive a printed version.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Yes. We have a 24-hour return policy. See below.



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100% Satisfaction Guarantee


If you get your program and don’t absolutely love it, let us know and we will cheerfully refund your payment in full.

To receive the guarantee:

  1. You must email us at with the receipt (PayPal or Stripe)
  2. State your reason for return
  3. Include a note saying that you have not downloaded or printed it out and that you will not use the program or try to gain access to it in the future.
  4. You must do this within 24 hours of purchase.


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mockups for meditation for mental and physical health




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