Nurture entrepreneurial success by cultivating well-being, productivity, and passion through a dedicated commitment to self-care.


Begin your journey to well-being and success with Before Wellness, a transformative 8-week program that introduces you to the essentials of self-care, setting the stage for enhanced productivity, passion, and overall entrepreneurial well-being as you take your first steps toward personal and professional growth


“One word for this program – amazing!!!”

Mary B.

Verified Buyer


Janice M.

Verified Buyer

SO WORTH IT! I bought this a couple of months ago…then ended up with COVID. Didn’t dive into her actual system until after I recovered.
I love it. I’m a WFH mom with CPTSD. 


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Before Wellness is not just another program; it’s your passport to a revitalized life. 

This 8-week journey is your opportunity to embrace transformation, personal well-being, and self-care, all while uncovering the keys to success in both your personal and business pursuits, paving the way to a life filled with greater happiness, improved health, and increased prosperity.

What sets Before Wellness apart is its unwavering commitment to helping you seize life with unbridled enthusiasm. It’s the ultimate ‘grab life by the horns’ program that promises AND DELIVERS transformative results.

Our program is meticulously crafted for seamless integration into your daily routine, providing clear, step-by-step actions to reignite your inner fire. With Before Wellness, you’ll discover empowerment like never before. Stress will take a backseat as you chart a course toward improved health and a newfound confidence in your authentic self.

But that’s not all; we’re here to help you find more than just physical well-being. Expect to unlock the doors to increased enjoyment, balance, passion, and peace.

Before Wellness isn’t just a program; it’s a promise – a promise of a better, brighter you.



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WEEK ZERO: Getting Ready Activities

Three Lessons

Finding time.  Time Traps.  Tracking, Accountability, and Action.

WEEK ONE: Create Instant Calm

Five Lessons

Effects of Stress, 7 Relaxation Techniques, Becoming Grounded, A Calm Home, Instant Calm

WEEK TWO: Intro to You

Five Lessons

Introspection and reflection, Self-Awareness, A Deeper Understanding, Understanding vs. Improvement, Observing, Practical Daily Use, Actionable Introspection, and Actionable Awareness.

WEEK THREE: The Path to Calm

Six Lessons

A New Routine, Creating New Habits, Motivation, Boundaries, Personal Boundaries, and Time Management.


WEEK FOUR: The Secret of Rest

Five Lessons

The Power of Sleep, 12 Steps to Peaceful Sleep, The Secrets of Stillness, Mental Noise, Impact of Mental Noise, Quieting Mental Noise, Digital Moderation, Digital Addiction, and Maintaining Digital Balance.

WEEK FIVE: Going Deeper

One Activity Book

Use this week to catch up, complete any reading, activities, exercises.  Assess and adjust goals if needed.  Continue to cement new habits, routines, and actions. 


WEEK SIX: Refocusing

Five Lessons

Serenity and Control, The Shift, Everyday Insight, Working With What Is, Stress Worry and Inner Peace, Diet and Exercise for Stress



Five Lessons

The Gifts of Each Day, Self-Esteem, Purpose, and Passion, Life Changing Passion




Course content is designed in weekly video modules, workbooks, and formats.

      WEEKLY       EMAILS
Accountability emails that corresponds with the weekly module.

Audio guides that takes you through the modules that you can take on the go.

Workbooks filled with activity sheets and exercises designed around each week’s unique materials.

Additional resources that enhance learning and deeper understanding of the course concepts.

It has definitely changed me physically, mentally and emotionally and I would encourage anyone to give it a try. It was and is the one of the best things I could have done for myself! 

Thank you, for allowing me to be a part of an amazing program!

Karyn B.

Verified Buyer

I would definitely recommend this program because it makes you look at caring for yourself…not only physically, but also emotionally.

Mary B.

Verified Buyer

Before Wellness is totally committed to your success.  The innate ability to connect to where you are, and help  you to develop a clear vision of where you are going is felt. I’ve been focused and accountable. 

Mary K.

Verified Buyer


Immediate stress reduction, enhanced focus, and a surge in productivity—all at your fingertips.

Before Wellness

By investing in Before Wellness, you’re not just getting a program; you’re unlocking a treasure trove of benefits that will elevate your entrepreneurial game from day one.

  • Boost Productivity: Conquer your to-do list with newfound energy and concentration.
  • Stress Relief: Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a calm, clear mind.
  • Enhanced Confidence: Make critical business decisions with unwavering self-assurance.
  • Increased Resilience: Navigate challenges like a pro, bouncing back stronger than ever.

Don’t wait for success; claim it now! Join ‘Before Wellness’ and experience the immediate transformation that will propel your business to new heights. The journey begins with you.

Don’t wait for success; claim it now! Join ‘Before Wellness’ and experience the immediate transformation that will propel your business to new heights. The journey begins with you.

Before wellness


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