Calling all entrepreneurs! Are you ready to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and kickstart your self-care routine?

The Self Care Wheel, created by Olga Phoenix, is the world’s #1 rated, most searched, downloaded, and utilized self-care tool. Featured widely in media outlets such as Thrive Global, Popsugar, and Positive Psychology, it’s been translated into several languages, and successfully used by hundreds of thousands of people and agencies worldwide to restore balance, beat burnout, dramatically boost wellbeing, ignite self-love, and finally start living a rich and fulfilling life! And now, it’s your turn! 

The worldwide self-care revolution began in 2013 with the creation of this simple tool and two of its trusted companions, the Self-Care Wheel Assessment and the Create-Your- Own Self Care Wheel tools. This dynamic trio transformed the concept of self-care from an occasional “treat-yourself” model into a basic core component of our lives, a sustainable lifestyle that allows us to feel, be, and live at our very best.

A deeply personalized self-care model that inevitably leads to dramatic improvements in physical and mental wellbeing, more freedom, balance, joy, fulfillment, high quality of life, and feeling and living well. Hundreds of thousands of individuals and agencies worldwide are saying “YES!” to making their own and their teams’ health, wellbeing, and rich quality of life the #1 priority. They are seeing incredible results with dramatically improved wellbeing and life satisfaction, more happiness, stronger relationship with self and others. If you want to experience this for yourself, click the button below for all 3 Self-Care Wheel pdf tools for your personal use!

We Help You Thrive In Your Business And In Your Life!

The reason the Self-Care Wheel model started a worldwide movement is because it powerfully breaks down all barriers to truly effective self-care practice by helping us:

  • Open up an engaging space for self-discovery, evaluation, and reflection
  • Identify our personal life challenges, priorities, dreams, and goals
  • Narrow down our focus to areas of our lives that require the most attention
  • Provide inspiration, clarity, and motivation during this eye-opening process
  • Supply a wealth of rich self-care ideas for all major areas of our lives

The direct result of this simple yet transformative process is educated, intentional, sustainable, and personalized self-care practice and a vibrant, healthy, joyous, balanced, and meaningful life.  If you are looking to start or elevate your self-care practice, and get immediate and actionable results, don’t wait another minute to download the Self-Care Wheel Toolkit below!