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Who We Are

TeamSelfCare offers entrepreneurs evidence-based self-care resources of all kinds… All in one place!

Our online courses, self-care tools, and other resources in our membership programs are designed to help our community members to learn about their own self-care and explore the wide variety of self-care activities they can use to build a sustainable self-care practice they love. A personalized self-care routine ignites your entrepreneurial spirit and supports your business success by maintaining and strengthening your mental, physical,  emotional, and spiritual health.

We have developed an extensive library of self-care resources that help our community overcome a variety of challenges that are experienced by a high percentage of entrepreneurs such as anxiety (65.4%), feeling stressed (65.35%), feeling unmotivated (55.91%), feeling lonely (38.6%).

We help our members with sleep restoration, stress reduction, weight management, mindfulness, and more. All TeamSelfCare resources are evidence-based and provide holistic growth opportunities so our members can thrive in their business and in mind, body, and spirit.

When you join one of our FREE or paid memberships, you’ll gain access to our Facebook community of like-minded entrepreneurs seeking success by utilizing self-care strategies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make self-care a deeply rooted and rewarding

part of your life.

We do this by making self-care fun, engaging, and easy, so you can thrive in your business and live a healthy, vibrant, happy life you love.

We Fulfill Our Mission By:

✔ Providing access to a library of self-care programs, courses, challenges, eBooks, a meal planner, recipes, tools and other useful resources.

✔ Using data-driven, science-based, holistic self-care strategies for:

  • Optimal Fitness and Nutrition
  • Mindfulness and Mindset Techniques
  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight
  • Achieving Mental Clarity
  • Disease Prevention
  • Stress and Sleep Strategies
  • Environmental Considerations
  • True Happiness

✔ Removing the roadblocks between you and your health and wellness goals by making getting started, staying consistent, and seeing incredible results not only easier, but also an engaging, enriching,  and transformational experience.

Our Founder

Disclaimer: No knives, needles, hair dye, fillers, or filters have been used to enhance this photo! OK, maybe a filter.

Hi! I’m Rosemary Morretta, the founder and chief bottle washer here at TeamSelfCare. In my 40s while working as a tech marketing executive, I had triple bypass heart surgery. I was 100+ lbs. overweight and ate like a 12-year-old. I was pre-diabetic, had a fatty liver, and my blood pressure was off the charts. My stress level was at the max and I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep though my life literally depended upon it to heal.

If you know anything about me, it is that I’m like a dog with a bone. If I see a problem – and at that time my health was a big problem – I get to the bottom of it. I research. I study. I learn everything I can about it. Then I act. In my case, I had some great people – doctors, a dietitian, physical therapists, fitness trainers, a psychologist, a spiritual healer, and a health coach — teach me how to get from my POINT A – a very sick, unhappy, and obese woman, to my POINT B – off my ten meds, sleeping soundly, healthier, and most importantly happier than I’ve ever been in my life. But as much as these professionals helped me, if I hadn’t made my self-care a priority, I doubt I’d still be here living my best life!


I started TeamSelfCare to make sure other women have the knowledge, tools, and support needed so you do not have to face what I faced. Or, if you are on the same road I was on, you can benefit from my experience and training and learn to treat yourself with love and compassion, discover strategies and tactics to reverse these chronic lifestyle diseases as I did, and live a long, healthy, happy life you love and thrive in your business through self-care.

Now, at 69, I am a Holistic Nutritionist specializing in self-care. I use my background in tech marketing to bring online self-care courses and resources to assist our members in achieving the health, wellness, and business goals by helping them become more mindful of their day-to-day habits and keeping their eyes on the prize of growing their business and living their best life.

I love what I do, and I love my now healthy life and business. And I want our entire community to love their healthy lives and businesses just as much.

Join us. There is much to gained by practicing self-care.

Be well,