Accountability Coaching


Accountability Coaching

During your first week in a program, we will establish meaningful health and wellness long-term goals. We’ll narrow down your long-term goals and motivation behind the “why” you are on this healthy aging journey and create short-term weekly intentions that will get you from Point A, where you are today, to Point B, where you want to be. Based on this information and more, we will discuss and create an Accountability Plan specifically tailored for you and your lifestyle.

To insure you get the outcomes you desire, we may ask you to complete one or more of the following online forms:



Accountability Coaching


The key to any successful lifestyle change is accountability. Coupled with managing your weight, moving your body, knowing what to eat, and how to take care of yourself every day, your goals can be achieved.


Achieving a healthy lifestyle is not accomplished alone. We provide daily check-ins, reminders, on-demand chat support, encouragement, and continued guidance to keep you on your wellness journey. We monitor your biometrics, food intake, activity levels, and program compliance so that you get the best possible health outcomes. We will be by your side the entire time and won’t let you quit. And guess what? You won’t want to!


This program is for you if you are satisfied with your dietary protocol, have menus and recipes that you enjoy, and have an exercise program that you are following that has gotten you results. You like what you’re doing and just need someone to keep you on track and working the program you’re already on.


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